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Online fitting room

AI based size advice and instant virtual tryon in a widget for fashion eCommerce.

Virtual Store Experience

$60 bn in fit-related returns in 2019

Returns of clothes in online shopping have reached 50%, processing and recording these goods takes time and adds to a company’s costs. The large number of returns reduces profit margins and makes it difficult for a firm to reach sales goals. 85% of total online returns were a result of incorrect sizing. The difficulty of determining the correct size for a particular producer leads to mistakes. Customers waste their time on complicated return process which negatively affects the brand’s image. This negativity affects the average sales and lifetime value of current clients.


We have developed the technology to allow anyone to create a digital avatar. This will help customers to confidently select the right style and size when shopping for clothes online. This means both a better experience for customers and lower returns for retailers.

The dynamics of the apparel industry are changing dramatically. Digitization is crucial for efficient operation. Data backed sizing studies based on primary scan data allow brands to plan smarter – reducing cycle times & waste. This data can further empower design teams to design directly off 3D models & validate garment-fit variations based on a searchable database of 3D models.

Helping your brand

Achieve its strategic goals

Better fit

Greater customer satisfaction


Gives customers confidence to shop online

Simplifies the shopping

Customers only choose from clothes that suit their body shape

Color features
Building mesh
Texture generation

Average spend

We increase the average spend and conversion to buyers, thanks to recommendations, discounts and special offers


We increase the level of service


We increase the conversion to bonus and loyalty programs due to the convenience of design and clear communication

Save time

We save time of sales consultants, while solving the problem of people who do not like to communicate with consultants


We create a wow-effect and bring innovation to company image


Website plugin allows customers to find their personal fit score
and size recommendation by using their mobile phone or retrieve
data from the offline store measurement session.


Increase average piece price


Online conversation increase


Product returns

10% increase

average piece price

New stage of personalization

With the help of TEXEL’s technology, product development and the fitting process is made more personalized, by empowering teams to design and fit on their customers 3D avatars. In the growing fashion industry, inclusivity is crucial, meaning that we cater to all body shapes of the diverse costumer base, bringing you deeper intelligence to design, fit, and grading.

Enjoy your increased revenue

By combining our technology with 3D clothing, it is possible to create a virtual dressing room, applicable for use on your website or mobile application. The 3D avatars created are then fully compatible with all major 3D fashion design software. The Virtual Dressing application will be sure to elevate the in-store experience for your costumers and empower your staff.

-50% Product returns

AI and advanced technologies may also have a part to play in the push for sustainability in fashion.

Improve e-commerce

One of the largest sources of waste within the fashion industry comes from returns, especially within the e-commerce segment. An astounding 40% of online purchases are returned.


In order to reduce the overall number of returns, retailers could more effectively match customers’ shopping behavior and preferences with the help of data and AI capabilities.

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Marks & Spencer has taken a stake in a specialist technology company as part of its drive to enhance its digital capabilities and bolster its appeal to fashion shoppers.

Marks & Spencer has invested in Texel, which enables consumers to create digital avatars using 3D scanning technology to find the clothing most appropriate to their shape and size.

M&S seeks to end ‘it doesn’t fit’ worries with digital investment

M&S invests in clothes fitting technology to reduce returns

Marks & Spencer has invested in a specialist fitting technology



Shapometry by Texel

Texel develops and manufactures solutions that enable hight-precision 3D capture, measurement and analysis of human body. The company helps retailers to provide highly personalized fit score and size recommendations to shoppers, resulting in an increases to the net revenue, conversion rate and returns reduction.

We believe that “fit” is at the center of the apparel industry. We help clothing brands to utilize our massive dataset of color 3D body scans to transform their entire business throughout design, manufacturing, offline and online channels.

Say goodbye to clothing sizes

We will be pleased to demonstrate the capabilities of our products.